Fruity Christmas Stuffing

Make your own stuffing and avoid shops. The fruity Christmas Stuffing is packed with clementines, cranberries, almonds, apple, and is totally meat-free.




Heat your oven to 180C/200C gas/fan 6. Get a bowl, tip in cranberries and cover it with boiling water. In the meantime, heat up the oil in a frying pan and get the onions softened. Pour it into a large-sized bowl and let it cool. In the same pan, add in the almonds and toast it till it turns golden brown. Chop it roughly once it cools. The peel-on clementine quarters need to be whizzed in a food processor till it is completely pureed. Finally, drain the cranberries. 

Add all the ingredients (except butter) including cranberries, clementine purée, and others to the onion with plenty of seasoning. Stir the ingredients properly and then tip it into a casserole dish. Place dots of butter and foil-cover it to get it roasted in the oven for approx half an hour. Uncover it and roast for another 15 minutes till it turns golden and crisp.


Keywords: Vegetarian Freezable